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L'Association  des  Parents  Indépendants  et  de  Sections  Internationales

Joining API

Your child or children must be a student in any section Chinese, English, Esabac, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish at the following schools:

  • Collège International de Valbonne (CoIV) at the CIV in Valbonne
  • Lycée International de Valbonne (LIV) at the CIV in Valbonne
  • Collège de l'Eganaude in Biot
  • Collège Niki de St Phalle in Valbonne
  • Haut–Sartoux Primary school in Valbonne (until 2018. We are looking for parents to lead API there. Please contact us)

Becoming an API Member

API members are part of a community of 340 families (registrations in 2019) and benefit from its network for information and help.
You can become an active parent in the life of your child's school through API. As a parents’ association there is always a need for parents representatives and parents elected to:

  • the Administrative Boards in Colleges, Lycée and CIV-EPA),
  • the School Boards in Primary and Kindergarten,
  • the International Section Boards at Sartoux Primary and Collège Eganaude,
  • as a class representative (Middle School and High School),
  • or you can just choose to be a member of the association.

API Membership Fee

In 2020 the registration fee is 10€ per family, regardless of the number of children registered in any of the schools where API is represented. Of course, you are welcome to contribute with a higher donation.
The 10€ membership fee can be paid by credit card or PayPal. (see below for registration on-line)
The annual fee is subject to revision each year in November at the API General Assembly where all members are invited to attend.
API is a non-profit organization governed by the law of July 1901 regarding associations.

Registering with API

We recommend on line registration to create your account and get immediate confirmation, but you can also register by post.

  • On-line registration and payment (prefered method)
    1) You are already a Member: simply log into your member space and follow the instructions in 'My Membership Section': Mes Adhésions
    2) You are a New Member: follow the link s'inscrire
  • Registration by Post
    1) Download the form, fill in your name and surname, address, and your children’s name and surname. For each child in your family, specify section, class level and school.
    2) Include your 10€ cheque, made out to the order of API,
    3) Send with appropriate postage to the address available on the form

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